Automatic ECO lamb feeder

The Förster-Technik ECO lamb Feeder can feed up to 240 lambs, is easy to operate and provides low-labour feeding to help rear strong healthy lambs.

  • The Lambs ingest their feed via a sucking teat as desired. The feed consisting of water and milk is prepared warm and fresh in small portions, it is intensively missed in the heated mix bowl assembly.

  • The machine has 8 outlets that can be adapted to accommodate up to 16 teats. The boiler, which has an automatic temperature sensor, an electronic heating regulator ensures that the feed always has the right temperature.

  • Water and milk powder portion size can be configured separately.

  • Compact control unit with 7 segment display can be easily operated.

  • Semi-automatic cleaning process with increased cleaning temperature.

  • Fly protector – the fine mesh screen covers the mixer prevents flies from getting into the mixed milk.

  • Hose cleaning pistol to clean the suction hoses.